Sri Valli Deivanai Thirukalyanam

on Sunday the 18th November 2018

Siva Guha Guru Mayam!!

Lord Muruga originated from the spark of Lord Shiva's third eye, with a mission to destroy Surapadman, an evil demon who was giving grief to Devas.

According to the legend, Murugan is married to two deities. The first one is Deivanai (also called Devayani or Devasena), the daughter of Lord Indra. Deivanai was gifted in marriage to Lord Murugan by Indra after he vanquished the demons.

Lord Muruga's second wife is Valli (she was found in a pit, dug out while gathering the edible tubers of the valli-plant), the daughter of a tribal chief.

The two wives of Lord Murugan, namely Deivanai and Valli refer to "Kriya Shakti" and "Ichha Shakti", meaning the Power of Action and Power of Will respectively, while Lord Murugan represents "Gnana Shakti" or the power of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Pooja Vithanam:

10.00 AM - Skanda Sashti Pooja - Special Abhishekam for
                   Sri Murugan, Sri Valli and Sri Deivanai.
                   Special Archanas and Maha Deepa'aradhana
                   Followed by AnnaDhanam.

Vaibhava Vithanam:

02.00 PM - Sri Valli Deivanai Thiru'Kalyanam

All are Welcome!
Please contact Temple office for further details:02-4294 3224 & 4294 9233
May Lord shower his blessings.