Programs - Special Projects

SVT Education Fund & Cultural Hall

Sri Venkateswara Educational Building Fund Trust is a special entity created to receive donations to fund a building of an Educational/Cultural Hall to support and develop Hindu religious and cultural education among the Hindu community in Australia, especially assist our children in this regard. Such facilities will make a significant contribution not only to the wellbeing of our society but also explain our religious philosophy to others and create greater understanding among the different faiths.

We have an approved DA for the building of the Hall at our temple ground at Helensburgh, NSW, in the coming year. The architectural plan envisages a 600 seat auditorium and a library with ancillary facilities for a spiritual retreat. The cost of the Plan is currently estimated at $2.0 million.

We invite our devotees to donate generously and receive the blessings of Lord Venkateswara, Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. Such donations are treated as tax deductible in that the amount you donate can be deducted from your taxable income on which you have to pay tax thereby reducing your tax. The more you donate the bigger the deduction that you would be entitled, however consult your Tax Advisor or Financial Planner.

Temple Landscaping

Our temple is blessed with good land all around the temple complex. We also have Council Sewer connections. We plan to nicely landscape it all around with garden (Brindavan) and paved walkways. A good start has been made with a decorative flowers in front of the Balaji complex. Your contributions to Brindavan are most welcome.

Thought of the week | Being maddened with pride, people think that they are doing everything and do not depend upon Him. - Sri Sarada Devi